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My "Crappy" Gaming Setup

Friday 23 April 2010 at 04:24 am

A good friend of mine informed me that I might have a chance at winning Engadget's Worst Gaming Setup Contest. I feel like I should go on about how terrible it is, but I'm sorry, I can't... I guess I enjoy old crap. And yes, this is truly my gaming system. I've been known to arrive at gaming nights with this stuff and some are not so impressed, yet others kick back and enjoy its' beauty. However, if the fine folks at Engadget feel it is the crappiest, more power to them, cause I wouldn't turn down a custom PS3 Slim from Rockstar Games.

So here is the low down on my gaming set up. The game is pong, and if you want to play different flavors of pong, you need different systems.  So I have a few, each providing their own variety of the game.

TELE-GAMES PONG SPORTS II: This is the system I have hooked up to the TV and is front and center in the picture.  It is the system I use most often. It provides a color display, and allows 4 people to play at once since there are 4 paddles. The system includes 16 different games: pong, super pong, maxi pong, team pong, hockey, super hockey, maxi hockey, team hockey, street tennis, super street tennis, maxi street tennis, team street tennis, street hockey, super street hockey, maxi street hockey, and team street hockey.

TV Scoreboard by Radio Shack: This is a hand held pong system. In the picture it is the smaller system next to the black pistole.  One player holds the entire console, while the other uses the remote paddle controller. For pong, players can choose from practice, tennis, squash, or hockey. However, this system has an added bonus in that it comes with a pistole which allows you two options of target practice, or skeet.

Magnavox Odyssey 4000: This is the system that is in the upper right hand side of the table in the picture.  This system is fairly advanced. The display can be in either black and white or color and the two controllers are not paddles but joy sticks, which breaks the user out of the traditional one dimensional play of pong and into a two dimensional world. Players can choose from tennis, hockey, soccer, gridball, basketball, or smash.

Bentley Compu-vision: standard black and white 2 player pong set up with squash, tennis, soccer and practice modes.  In the picture this is in the upper left hand side of the table.

I have a dedicated RF Modulator for these systems that has the appropriate video adapters all plugged in (lower left hand side of the picture). This makes it easier to hook up to more modern entertainment systems.

Each game system provides a little different experience, such as games, ball speed, paddle size, etc.

Also in the picture (upper center of table) is my Atari 10 games in 1 plug and play throw back system by Jakks.

four comments

“Crappy”? More like “rad dude”!
Bernt () - 23 04 10 - 13:06

Is that grey thing left of the TV a laserdisc player? Maybe they will give you a blue ray player to go with that nice new PS3. ;)
House01 - 23 04 10 - 19:53

Awesome, congrats on winning the competition. After my own heart, I love my old retro stuff, people come around and find me playing Super Mario Kart on my old knackered SNES, but I still love it!
Irregular Activity () (URL) - 11 05 10 - 21:21

And now the PS3 I won is on ebay:

Seems crazy, eh? Sometimes the process of winning is more fun than the prize itself. I’m honored Engadget selected me as the winner, and I really think the custom job on the PS3 is swell looking.

But I don’t need a customized ps3 right now, and someone else will enjoy it more than I.
russ (URL) - 14 07 10 - 03:38

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